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Open Lawn Mower Trailer: Advantages & Key Options

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For large and small landscaping companies alike, mowing lawns is a bread-and-butter job three seasons out of the year. The right lawn mower trailer is a key piece of equipment to keep you and your crews well-equipped and working hard. If you’re expanding your crews and need another trailer or just looking for an upgrade, we’re here to help.

TP Trailers is the headquarters for trailers for sale in PA and the surrounding states. We don’t just offer a wide variety of trailers built by nationally leading brands, but we also provide the need-to-know info that helps you make your decision. Keep reading today’s blog to learn all about open lawn trailers — or reach out to our experts to discuss models and to get prices!

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5 Traits of the Best Trailer for a Lawn Care Business

A professional landscaping and lawn mowing company will put serious mileage on any trailer over years of steady business — so you need a trailer that can handle all that wear and tear. In addition, you want a trailer that saves you time, keeps you organized, and helps you work smarter. See the traits that make for the best trailer for a lawn care business:

  1. Easy to Load and to Tie Down Trailers — Time is money and everything you can do to trim time on the go is worth it. The best trailer for a lawn care business will come with upgrades to make it simple. Look for D-rings to make tying down the mowers easier and also side ramps to ensure unloading goes quickly. Side ramps also make unloading more convenient as they allow you to unload a single mower by driving it off the trailer side — rather than having to unload all of the mowers you have loaded.

    See our most popular landscape trailer models.
  2. Lightweight Construction — Although it might not be your first thought when shopping for a lawn mower trailer, the lighter it is the less fuel it takes to haul it from jobsite to jobsite. That’s why the best trailer for a lawn care business will be lightweight to help you save money as you travel all over your service area every day. Plus, a lighter weight trailer may work with a lighter duty truck which can make matching your trailer to your fleet of trucks and trailers more convenient.
  3. Wide Range of Sizes — The right trailer for you will be a fit for the number of lawn mowers you need to haul. When it comes to size, we supply companies with a wide range of trailers from size-efficient options that only fit a single mower, all the way up to trailers that can comfortably haul three mowers, as well as other supplemental equipment. While the most common sizes of lawn mower trailers we sell are 5’X8’, 6’X10’ and 6’4”X14’, tell one of our experts what you need to haul and we can make suggestions and get you pricing.

    Discover the most common trailer sizes for different uses.
  4. Spring Assist on the Ramp — This is one more feature that makes your job easier every day. A spring assist is a popular choice for the ramps on a trailer as it makes raising and lowering the ramp less labor intensive. The best lawn mower trailers are designed with the upgrades that make work easier for landscapers in the field.
  5. Long Lifespan and Warranty — Your new trailer is an investment and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. That’s why a long lifespan is one of the essentials for all of the best trailers for a lawn care business. To protect that investment, look for a trailer that is backed by a strong warranty. Many of our top trailers come with a 5-year complete manufacturer warranty — with a lifetime warranty on some of the individual components.

    Learn more about how long a trailer lasts.

Advantages of Open Trailers

In today’s blog, we’ve highlighted what makes for the best open lawn mower trailers. However, enclosed trailers for lawn care can be the right solution for many landscaping businesses. Bottom line: both of these different styles are great — which is why TP Trailers gladly sells each of them.

best trailer for a lawn care business

These are the reasons why some professionals prefer open trailers for hauling lawn mowers:

  • Easier to See Around the Trailer — Since an open trailer has a lower profile, it’s easier to see around when driving. Considering how much time you’ll be on the road, this can be a noticeable advantage.
  • Weighs Less — A lightweight trailer saves you money every time you fill up the tank of your truck. Since open trailers are lighter across the board, you’ll want to keep this in mind.
  • Tying Mowers Down is Easy — The open sides make the process of tying down or securing mowers even quicker.
  • Lower Price — Finally, many landscapers prefer open lawn mower trailers as they come with a lower price tag than enclosed models. For companies trying to save every penny on their equipment budget, this benefit can be a difference maker.

If you’re curious about the enclosed models and the advantages they provide, read our blog about enclosed trailers for lawn care.

Get Prices on Open Lawn Mower Trailers

The right trailer will serve you and your team day after day for years to come. If you have any more questions about what makes for the best trailer for a lawn care business, our knowledgeable team is standing by. If you’re ready to start shopping, reach out to our team to get prices on lawn mower trailers!

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