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Traits of the Best Trailer Brands

A good trailer can do it all. From helping your friend move, to hauling your ATVs, to transporting the equipment your landscaping company relies on. Getting a high-quality trailer pays you back for years to come with reliable performance and convenience. If you’re looking for the best, we can help. We’re highlighting the traits to look for from the best trailer brands.

At TP Trailers, we’re a nationally-leading trailer dealer who offers a huge inventory of different trailer types from a wide variety of great brands. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing what essential traits make for the best trailer brands and which will provide you quality to count on. Keep reading to learn what to look for — or simply reach out to our team to find the right trailer for your needs and budget.

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What the Top Cargo Trailer Brands Have in Common

While there are numerous elite trailer brands, rather than highlighting one specific make or manufacturer, we want to share the traits that the top cargo trailers boast. When you’re shopping for a new trailer, these are the important traits you’re looking for:

  1. Look at the Warranty — If a company stands behind their product with a warranty, you can feel comfortable trusting it, too. The best cargo trailer brands generally come with strong manufacturer warranties — this is a sign it is a well-built piece of equipment. Always ask about the warranty before you buy!
  2. Consider the Components — As a rule of thumb, cheaper trailers have cheaper components, while elite trailers have quality components. Some of the things you’re looking for include:
    1. Sealed wiring rather than exposed wiring
    2. Real plywood floors and walls (or a composite of equal quality)
    3. One-piece aluminum roofs
    4. Aluminum Skin that is of .030 thickness or more
  3. Ease-of-Use Features — The best trailer brands are designed to be durable and very easy-to-use. Some of these convenience-focused features on open trailers include spring assist on rear mesh ramps and removable side ramps. Not only will you appreciate the convenience, but they are signs of a well-built piece of equipment.
  4. Quality Exterior Finish — While judging a book by its cover is never recommended, judging a trailer that way is a good call. The top cargo and open trailer brands will generally have a quality exterior finish. This can include automotive grade paint or powder coating. Once again, this is one thing to ask about when buying your trailer.
  5. Frame — The best trailer brands don’t cut corners when manufacturing the frame or the ‘backbone’ of the trailer. A good, strong, well-built frame is a good indication of the quality of the trailer and most likely says a lot about the construction of the rest of the trailer.

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  6. Radial Tires — Another clue to the quality of your trailer is the type of tires that it has. Radial Tires are the best quality tires and are likely to be found on better brands of trailers.
  7. Axles and Brakes — The quality of the brakes and axles on your cargo trailer will help your trailer hold up better and possibly even keep you from having to make costly repairs unnecessarily. Ask your trailer dealer for the brand name of the brakes and axles and see what you find when you look them up on search engines. In most cases, the top cargo trailer brands all use high quality axles and brakes.

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Custom Options for High-Quality Trailers

One of the advantages of buying a high-quality unit from a top cargo trailer brand is that you have the ability to order custom modifications for it. These modifications can make your trailer an even better fit for your exact needs.

top cargo trailer brands

Custom options are available for both open and enclosed trailers — these are some of the most common modifications:

  • Cabinets, Tool Boxes, Ladder Racks
  • 12 Volt and 110 Volt Lighting Packages
  • Custom tie downs such as E-Track or D-Rings
  • Color Options
  • Built-in electrical generators
  • Much more

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This guide can certainly help you find a great trailer. However, if you’d prefer to work with an expert from the start, we’re here to help. TP Trailers offers the best trailer brands, and our team would be more than happy to help you find the one that matches your budget and your needs.

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