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8 Checkpoints Before Using Your Trailer!

Check out these tips before using your trailer this summer!

At T.P. Trailers we have an extensive inventory of trailers for sale. For every trailer we send out, we like to go over a couple of tips for using your trailer. Whenever you use your trailer, be sure to go over the tires, lights, safety chains and breakaway cables.

Always load and secure your equipment correctly, safely, and legally before using your trailer.

Before towing your trailer, be sure to check your breakaway battery and breakaway switch function. Your trailers breakaway cable is most important; if the trailer becomes unhooked, it will apply the brakes for 15 minutes until the trailer can be secured.

Safety chains are required when pulling a trailer. Before any trip, be sure to check for major wear and tear. Crisscross your chains underneath the coupler.

After you have connected your electrical wiring, ensure that your right blinker, left blinker, brake lights & marker lights work correctly. These are required by law.

Wheels should be torqued, be sure to tighten your lug nuts for safe traveling.

Most trailers provide guidelines for torquing the wheels. Here is a general rule of thumb to follow.

Your VIN tag can be found at the front of the trailer on the driver’s side (in most cases). This will provide you with valuable information such as GVWR and tire size. Be sure not to overload your trailer, and correctly check your tire pressure.

Be sure to check your tire pressure before hauling your trailer. The correct PSI for your trailer’s tire can be found on the VIN tag at the front of the trailer.



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