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Is Plow Repair Worth it or Should You Buy New?

Plowing parking lots and driveways isn’t a hobby you do for fun — you do it to earn an excellent second income. That’s why decisions about your plow are strictly financial. If you’re considering plow repair, or wondering if you should just upgrade to a new plow, this is the blog to read.

At TP Trailers, we’re the perfect team to answer your questions. Not only do we run a full-service plow repair shop, but we also stock a huge variety of plows for sale. Read our blog to learn all about the most common plow repairs, such as snow plow blade repair — and to learn whether you should fix it or buy new.

Snow Plow Blade Repair & Other Common Issues

snow plow blade repair

If you can repair your plow and keep it on the road for another few winters, you’ll end up coming out ahead financially. On the other hand, there’s no point to investing time and money into a piece of equipment that’s already on borrowed time. The trick is, how do you tell?

The first thing to consider when deciding about plow repair is what specifically your equipment needs. If your plow blade itself is damaged, chances are you’ll want to consider buying a new one. This is the most common type of damage on used snow plows. Whether the blade is rusty or physically damaged, snow plow blade repair is time consuming and the plow often won’t be as strong even after a good repair.

While we often recommend buying new rather than dealing with snow plow blade repair, other repairs can be easy and cost-effective. For example, taking care of the secondary systems – like electronics or hydraulics – is much easier. Rebuilding the hydraulics or rewiring the electrical is a much easier plow repair, provided the parts are readily available.

While we would need to see your individual plow to make a recommendation, we often suggest opting to repair electronic or hydraulic issues — and buying a new plow if the blade is damaged.

Another important consideration to make is the age and condition of the plow itself. While a good plow can last ten years with proper maintenance, if your plow is older, you might get more out of an upgrade. If your plow has multiple small, nagging problems in addition to the main issue, upgrading it rather than repairing it can make your time plowing easier.

Learn more about storing your snow removal equipment.

Finally, your decision also depends on your personal financial situation. If you can afford to invest in a new plow and you plan to keep your business going, upgrading is money well spent.

Pre-Season Plow Sale — Save Now

pre season plow sale

If you’re facing a snow plow blade repair and would rather upgrade — or if you just want to buy a new model — late summer or early fall is the best time to shop. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we stock a huge variety of straight plows and v-plows from the nation’s biggest plow brands, including SnowDogg, Fisher, and SnowEX.

During our pre-season sale, we mark down plows all across our sales lot and showroom. Simply put, if you need a new plow, this is the best price you’ll get — so buy now! Send us an email, give us a call, or stop in and shop our sale!

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Trust TP for Your Plow Repairs

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is the team to trust for all of your snow removal needs. If you want to buy new, we offer competitive prices on the leading models of plows. However, if you’d like to opt for a plow repair, we’re the team to trust. Our experts can perform a wide range of repair services, including challenging snow plow blade repairs.

Whether you need to schedule a plow repair, want to shop, or still have questions — contact us today to get started!

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