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Why to Use a Storage Trailer on Wheels

If your building has a loading dock, you have access to a convenient and dependable storage solution: a storage trailer on wheels. Also called a semi-trailer, these large pieces of storage equipment are hauled by semi-trucks, and are dropped at the loading dock of a business. These options provide a handful of convenient benefits that make them an in-demand choice.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we sell and rent a wide range of high-quality professional storage solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. While storage containers are a signature item of ours, we often recommend storage trailers on wheels if your facility can accommodate them. Keep reading our blog to learn about the key advantages — or reach out right now to get pricing and delivery information!

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Benefits of a Semi-Trailer for Storage

semi-trailer for storage

Securing reliable, on-site storage is an important duty for business owners, store managers, and other professionals. Our team makes that as easy for you as possible. Not only do we offer a wide range of retail storage containers and large storage trailers, but we also provide all the info you need to make the best choice for your business.

These are the key benefits of a semi-trailer for storage:

  • Very Large — Semi-trailers for storage provide you with more space than practically any other option. Our units range from 28 feet to 53 feet long. The dimensions make this an ideal choice for storing a large amount of merchandise or supplies.
  • Weather Tight — Our storage trailers on wheels are designed to be completely wind and waterproof. This means that no matter how long you need to store your merchandise, you can trust it’s protected, and safe from the elements.
  • Extremely Secure — Semi-trailers for storage are an extremely safe option and deter theft. Semi-trailers are designed to be durable, and rugged to support all types of loading and storage. When the only point of access is from the loading dock you can feel 100% comfortable that your stuff is safe and secure.
  • An Extension of Your Building — Unlike other on-site storage options, a storage trailer is backed into your loading dock at your building. Firstly, this means that the storage is much closer at hand and quicker and easier to access when you need it. On top of that, as an extension of your building, you can walk into or drive a forklift right into the semi-trailer without having to leave the building. And, you control access from your building. A king pin lock can be placed on the trailer to prevent it from being moved without permission.
  • Easier to Move — While you’ll need a semi-truck to move a semi-trailer used for storage, it can be relocated easily on your lot when it’s fully loaded. Some other types of on-site storage would likely need to be unloaded before they can be moved.

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Also Offering High Quality Containers

storage container delivery

While semi-trailers for storage are a great answer for many businesses, they do require a loading dock. That’s why ground level storage containers are a great alternative as they can be used on almost any site. Available in 20 foot and 40 foot versions, these containers provide the same secure, watertight storage. In fact, our ground level storage containers in certain situations can be more convenient for outdoor storage. These units sit on the ground, and with the use of a forklift ramp allow you to load your products into the container just as you would do in your warehouse.

We offer competitive prices on our inventory of high-quality storage containers for sale and for rent. We also include our professional delivery for added convenience.

Get Quotes for Storage Trailers on Wheels

If you still have questions or you want to get a quote for a storage trailer on wheels, our team is ready to help. We have decades of experience matching businesses to the storage solution that solves their problems, and we’re more than happy to come up with a unique plan for you.

Reach out today to start the conversation and to get your quote right now!

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