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The New Trend: Storage Container Bars & Restaurants

storage container bars

Storage container bars and restaurants are one of the hottest trends popping up in cities all across the country. Thanks to their compact size, these trendy restaurants are perfect for serving food and drinks in downtown parks and more. Not only are they an eco-friendly, cost-efficient option, the unique look also grabs the public’s attention.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we are one of the leading storage container headquarters on the East Coast. This emerging use for containers is definitely on our radar. In our latest blog, we’re exploring storage container bars and restaurants — as well as the shipping container modifications needed to make them work. Learn more about how to bring your bar or restaurant to life!

Essential Shipping Container Modifications for Your Bar

The vast majority of shipping containers are built to maximize security and protection from the elements — not for food and drink prep, and certainly not for style. However, the right shipping container modifications ensure that your storage container bar looks fantastic while staying 100% secure.

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These are the most important modifications you can make to a shipping container to make it ready for food and drink service:

  1. Open Container Face — The defining container modification for your storage container bar or restaurant is the open face which customers can walk up to and place their order. You’ll want the face of the container to be able to be raised up when you’re open for business — and to close to protect your valuables at night. In addition, the raised container canopy also provides much needed shade while you’re open during the daytime hours.
  2. Lighting — Adding lighting to your container is important for when you’re working early or late at night. Since many shipping container bars and restaurants stay open after dark, you’ll want sets of both internal and external lights.
  3. Air Conditioning — Keeping the inside of your bar or restaurant comfortable during long shifts is essential. That’s why one of the primary shipping container modifications we offer is air conditioning. In addition to bars and restaurants, this is a necessary custom modification for mobile offices as well.
  4. Windows — Not essential but certainly popular, adding windows to your container bar is a great way to make it feel more comfortable. By letting in the natural light, the long hours making drinks and entrees will feel like they’re going much faster.
  5. Electricity — From the electric appliances you’ll use to cook to the blender you’ll use for margaritas, electricity is important. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we have the ability to outfit all of our containers with this important shipping container modification.
  6. Water — Once again, this is a necessity for every shipping container bar or restaurant. In order to meet health codes, you’ll need a sink with running water.
  7. Attractive Exterior — Style isn’t the first thing on the average customer’s mind when they shop for a storage container. However, if you’re trying to attract the public, you need your restaurant to look cool. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’ll paint and style your container to have the right look that matches your brand!

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Benefits of Building Your Bar & Restaurant with a Storage Container

No question about it — storage container bars and restaurants are more popular than ever. One of the biggest reasons? Because they are so trendy and practical! Not only will you be on-trend but you’ll actually be making a smart choice.

shipping container modifications

These are the benefits of building your pop-up bar or restaurant with a storage container:

  • Less Expensive — Compared to the price of building almost any other type of structure, this price can’t be beat. Even with all of the shipping container modifications you’ll need, it’s a great affordable option.
  • Mobile — Another practical benefit? Containers can be moved to a new space fairly easily. So, if you want to corner another market, it’s easy to pick up and move.
  • Eco-Friendly — Since shipping containers take less materials to build than a traditional brick-and-mortar building, they are considered an eco-friendly solution.
  • Has that X-Factor — You know what’s good for business? Doing something different. While container bars might be big right now, they’re still new enough to stand out and earn you some buzz.

Get More Information about Your Storage Container Bar

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is the headquarters for all of your container needs — including for storage container bars and restaurants. Not only do we provide the base for your soon-to-be hit place, but we can provide the shipping container modifications that you need.

Reach out to the experts at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment for answers to your questions and to discuss your price.

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